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The reality for many organizations is that they don’t have well defined standards.  This can lead to instability, or variability in performance.  It also makes it difficult to clearly define a problem.  And without clear problem definition, continuous improvement activities will be unfocused, and results will be unpredictable, ineffective, and unstable.


GTS will help your organization achieve stability.  Using PDCA and the appropriate continuous improvement techniques, we will teach your team members how to methodically solve problems and standardize the solutions, thereby creating the basis for meaningful continuous improvement.

“Over the past 9 months we have seen unprecedented teamwork, problem solving and brilliant problem solving. Many lingering problems haunting us have been addressed and/or are currently being addressed. There have been many group meetings (sometimes they seem lengthy) that have brought the decision making process on changing things here more thorough leading us to better decision with more lasting positive results.”

Owner, custom microelectronics manufacturer

Solving Problems...Sustaining Solutions