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Structured Problem Solving is based on the scientific method:

           Directly observe the phenomenon

           Develop a hypothesis to explain the phenomenon

           Conduct an experiment to confirm the hypothesis

           Analyze the results

           Take action based on the results

While there are many problem solving models, the Plan, Do, Check Act (PDCA) cycle developed by Dr. Deming was embraced by the venerable Toyota Production System.  Using PDCA, improvement project teams increase the probability of sustainable success by:

           Properly defining the problem

           Identifying root causes and countermeasures

           Creating effective implementation plans

           Verifying success and standardizing results

           Starting another PDCA cycle if desired results are not achieved.

The questioning attitude engendered by PDCA is a tremendous asset for any organization.  It requires employees to understand the sources of process instability.  With this deep understanding, the proper continuous improvement technique can be selected.

Solving Problems...Sustaining Solutions