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At Grasp The Situation, we have tremendous respect for the skill, knowledge and dedication of every employee in an organization.  We also know that solving difficult problems and dealing with change can be challenging.  Therefore, we focus on building strong relationships with our clients and their employees to effectively coach them along the journey of Continuous Improvement.


It is Respect For People, the core concept of Continuous Improvement, that allows us to develop sustainable solutions for our clients.

With significant business pressures and so many opportunities for improvement, it can be tempting to rush into a situation and provide a ‘shoot from the hip’ solution.  However, at GTS, we have the experience, knowledge and respect to realize that ‘shooting from the hip’ or ‘dictating a solution’ is not the proper way to implement and sustain meaningful change.  Simply picking an improvement technique or staging an improvement event without grasping the situation is often a waste of resources.


To grasp the situation, we work with stakeholders and team members  to develop a thorough understanding of the problem.  We work with the organization to identify root causes, and to plan and implement appropriate countermeasures.   However, our improvement projects go beyond mentoring teams to achieve immediate results.  We provide instruction and support so that team members can develop the skills to work on their own future improvement projects, with special emphasis on sustainment.  Without the sustainment plan, there is a high likelihood that the improvement project will succumb to the ‘Flavor of the Month’ syndrome. 

They bring the experience, focus and problem solving skills that we need.”

Plant Manager

Solving Problems...Sustaining Solutions