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Every aspect of our business process incorporates the fundamentals of problem solving: Plan-Do-Check-Act.  PDCA is utilized in how we run our business, as well as how we work with yours.  We believe that every employee should understand the fundamentals of problem solving.  Time after time we watch improvement project teams increase their rate of sustained success as they develop their problem solving skills.


In many companies, these skills are overlooked.  Improvement project teams often emphasize Doing at the expense of Planning, Checking, and Acting.  To thoroughly grasp the situation, you can’t take any shortcuts.  We’ll help you develop deep understanding, and then deploy the appropriate continuous improvement technique.


In addition to PDCA, we also coach team members on the important steps, key points, and reasons of the improvement technique.  By standardizing the foundation of the improvement technique, team members gain the knowledge and confidence required to complete future improvement projects on their own.

Upon starting a project, we advocate for the appropriate amount of education for team members and stakeholders.  Preparing employees for change requires training and communication.  Anyone who has completed TWI: Job Instruction will certainly appreciate that Preparing the Worker is an important step to success.


Our training sessions usually occur in tandem with the improvement project to promote ‘learn by doing’.  Employees have the opportunity to first learn the process, and then develop their skills during implementation.  This approach delivers high-impact, sustained solutions while providing a solid foundation for effective ongoing continuous improvement efforts.

Solving Problems...Sustaining Solutions